Soms zijn woorden niet genoeg: 10 kunstwerken tegen de abortus-ban

Jouw lichaam, jouw keuze. Het klinkt simpel, maar voor een heleboel witte mannen in Alabama is dat het niet. Abortus is daar vanaf nu illegaal, zelfs na verkrachting of incest. Er staat een gevangenisstraf van wel 99 jaar op voor artsen die zich niet aan de wet houden… 
Maar gelukkig wordt er niet stilgezeten. Over de hele wereld komen er mensen in opstand. Zo ook kunstenaars. Soms zijn woorden niet genoeg. En daarom delen wij vandaag 10 van deze krachtige kunstwerken met jullie! 

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republicans are literally reptiles,,,,

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📢 Abortion is still LEGAL in ALL 50 states – yes, that means Georgia, and Ohio and Missouri, and Alabama, and Louisiana. ✨ • ⚠️ The time to ring the alarm 🚨 is now. These 'heartbeat bills' are a blatant attempt to overturn Roe, and criminalize people for their pregnancy outcomes. ⛓ We cannot, and should not stand by while our rights are stripped away. ✨ • ✨ So here are some things you can do: -✊️ Get involved with your local reproductive rights or justice group. Check to see if you have a NARAL or Planned Parenthood Group. Plug into your local Abortion Fund. Get involved. 💫📢 -💵 Donate your money to local abortion fund – those funds go directly to people who need it! 💸(Looking to support Georgia? Check out @arc_southeast , @feministcenter , @napawf_atl , @sisterloveinc, and @sistersong_woc ) 💞 -🙌 Support and uplift the voices 🎤 of people on the ground. 🌱 That could include reading and support journalism like who report on reproductive health/rights/justice issues and uplift the voices of activists and advocates. 🌸 -✊️ Keep resisting. Take action when you can, and give them hell. 🔥 💫 plus share how your resisting in the comments 💞 • 🚨 BTW – The south is not a monolith, most of the people there do not want these abortion bans. Do not let the work of a extremist 'pro-life' movement make you think it's OK to throw insults at someone because of their zip code. ✨ • 💕 #feminist #feminism #art #feministart #reproductiverights #illustration #abortionrights #reproductivejustice #fashion #queerart #feministartist #Abortion #abortionrights #stopthebans #reproductivejustice #pissedoffpeaches

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The end.

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