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Okay so, it’s the first day of 2019. And besides spending about 18 hours going through everyone’s 200-part 2018 highlights on instastory, I didn’t really stop and think about the new year beginning. There is a mental weight around New Year’s Eve and the coming of a new clean calendar year that I’ve come to resent.  Mainly; the New Year’s resolutions. And please don’t get me wrong, I love goals. Goals are the best. I can even say that making goals is #goals but there is one particular kind of resolution that I hate and that is the ‘I’m going to lose weight’-type.

2018 has been a great year for progressive values. Supermarkets have been filled with plant based products, people are recycling, fighting for equal rights, starting blogs about their cats, it’s been awesome. Besides you know, the political dumpster fires that we’ve seen on a governmental level around the world. But the one movement that really struck a chord with me was the ‘body positivity’ movement. We have had people fighting for self-acceptance for years now and I don’t mean to erase their activism, however, I feel like body positivity really hit the mainstream last year with more influencers, brands, and media being aware of the surge of stretchmarks, cellulite and rolls hitting the interwebs.

One of my favorite things out of 2018 is finding out Jameela Jamil exists. And to be more specific, her Instagram page @i_weigh. It’s filled with beautiful people sharing what they weigh. And not in numbers, but in things that make up their personality such as ‘writer’, ‘lover of pineapple pizza’ or ‘dog person’. It’s a genius idea and if you don’t follow the account, I can highly recommend it. I don’t think having ‘losing weight’ as a New Year’s resolution is a bad think. I just wish that for everyone that has that on their list they have it as a conscious health choice, instead of a societal compulsion. Or worse, a mental compulsion.

As I think back to my teen years spent on websites like ‘prettythin’ (which has now been taken offline) and hours of my life wasted on body checking and starving myself, I don’t feel sadness or shame anymore. I am proud. Not only because I survived that period of my life, but also pride because I see now get to see a generation of teens that are actively rebelling against stigmas around mental health and body shaming.

If you have celebrities in your feed selling you ‘flat tummy tea’s’, unfollow them. If you follow people just because they’re ‘bodygoals’ and nothing else, I also advise you to unfollow them. Thank your body this year. Fill it with things that make you happy. If that’s a protein shake, then go for it. Take a walk in the fresh air or finally use that gym subscription. Those are totally legit aspirations. What I’m trying to say in the kindest way possible as someone who has lost years of their live on compulsively losing weight – I hope your 2019 is filled with the power to choose things for your body. And please, above all else, choose love. <

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