Fine feathers makes fine birds


Throughout life, I’ve always like dressing. At a very young age I had a strong opinion on what I wanted to wear and eventhough I went trough many phases, most of the time it wasn’t exactly similar to the attire of my peers.

The choices I made were often not exactly cheered on by others, but also; sometimes (later) copied.
And ‘til this day, people don’t always get it, especially outside the Damsko borders. I would love to say I didn’t give a sh#%, but that’s not totally true.
But because I find it so much more important to express myself creatively and to stay true to myself, 14-year old me stuck with it and I am sticking with it now.
Who would we be if we only did what everyone else liked, all the time? Isn’t the way you dress a bit of your inside on the outside? Itdoesn’t have to cost a lot either.

Currently there is a “quiet luxury” or “stealth wealth” trend penetrating the fashion world and social media platforms. It’s about basic, High snobiety goes as far as calling it boring, clothing that 99% of society can’t afford.
We can worry about people’s obsession with looking wealthy, but I also worry about the total lack of expression and originality to dress like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs.
Of course it is okay for people to just not care about the way they dress, but trying to be something you’re not (extremely rich) or “hiding” are two phenomenons I will not applaud. Nor do I cheer for unoriginality coming from a fear not to fit in.

Monoculture is an issue I regularly like to address. And last weekend when I visited a club, I was asked to take my cap off inside. This made my worry grow to historical heights!
Asking such a thing aids the flourishing of monoculture and kills any type of self expression in my opinion. This is exactly when I start idolizing other periods in time, where I feel that self expression was applauded in our local nightlife. I live in Amsterdam and unfortunately I am just too young to have experienced the days that people would create their own costumes to visits clubs like Roxy or It. It’s not my plan to drown in false nostalgia, but I would love it if we could do something to counter this.

Dressing the way I like, not following all the trends and integrating wild color schemes is my way to revolt and eventhough I get stared at sometimes or unfriendly comments, it’s a form of freedom.
I hope more people will join my little revolution 😉 Yes we can.

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