‘There hasn’t been another female African-American shoe designer that has done what I have in this industry’


How do you provide the customer with a million dollar look without the hefty price tag? You can definitely say that Jessica Rich is an expert on this topic. Her own shoe brand ‘The Jessica Rich Collection’ is the prime example: you can look expensive without having to spend your life savings on a pair of shoes. And even celebrities such as the Kardashian sisters, Bella Thorne, Blac Chyna and JLo have walked in Rich’s designs. We talked to her about all of this!

The TittyMag: What do you do?

Jessica Rich: I am a shoe designer.

TTM: How did you get started?

JR: I was doing fashion PR before I opened my store. I was very good at building brands from the ground up, because I knew a lot of celebrities and influencers. Different brands would hire me to put their merchandise on them and then after a while when they no longer needed me I was left with nothing. No equity of a company or anything. So that’s when I decided to focus on myself and start my own brand.

TTM: When did you launch your fashion brand?

JR: I have had an online store since March 2015. I was selling and designing clothes, but I recently stopped doing that and now I focus on shoes.

TTM: What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?

JR: Moving to New York from my hometown Michigan in 2006. That was the start of my career and life journey to where I am at right now.

TTM: How do you combine your busy entrepreneurship and private life?

JR: Honestly it’s a real struggle because I work 24/7. There’s not a day that I don’t work. There’s always an email I have to respond to, regardless of my staff. I have to maintain the duties of being both the owner and designer of my brand. I try my best to have at least a couple days during the week where I do less work. I go to yoga 3 to 4 times a week as well, which is very helpful.

TTM: Who’s your inspiration?

JR: Every major designer, such as Tom Ford or Christian Loubitian. Those people have really made a major impact in fashion world.

TTM: You’re a female entrepreneur, in what way is your industry a man world?

JR: In no way is my industry a man world. There are very succesfull male and female designers.

TTM: Would you say it’s more difficult for you as a woman?

JR: I would say it’s more difficult for me being a black woman. There hasn’t been another female African-American shoe designer that has done what I have in this industry.

TTM: Do you consider yourself a feminist?

JR: I love women. I support everyone who is a girlboss and doing their thing in this world, because sometimes it’s very hard to keep going in a male-dominated world.

TTM: What’s your advice for young girls?

JR: Never give up on your dreams. Really anything is possible.

TTM: What would be an advice to you younger self?

JR: I’ve been working pretty hard from a very young age. I really don’t think there are many things I regret or would change about my life path.

TTM: What more can we expect?

JR: I’m opening a store in New York and my brand will be all across the globe in different stores very soon! So keep an eye out.

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