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mission and vision

Art, with all its facets, is at our core. Like art we like to think and work without boundaries. We operate within a big variety of domains connecting different people both on and offline. With this mindset, we are able to drive innovation throughout our processes and incorporate technology within the methods we use to elevate artists. And the Web 3.0 ecosystem is next.
We bundle our powers with all sorts of creatives from different disciplines in order to empower each other and create tangible output.


An international inclusive community. 
A safe place for people who seek to connect through art & advocate for intersectional social matters. A place to learn, to build, to network, connect & find others to create art with.
This community connects globally online and locally offline. Built by women and vouches for intersectional matters.

The Titties

This is a collection of different collectible NFT’s created by one of our creatives and marks the start of the TittyMag journey entering the NFT space. 

This is our way to include you in our artistic protest. When buying a Titty NFT you allow us to continue to spread our message further and become part of artistics activist change.

The collection will contain 10 unique sets of titties that have different rarity and perks. The titties have different perks and they will allow the holder to join the cause and the community to different extents.  Made by two of our artists Kiara and Beatrice

If the pricing is out of your means? and you would like to join our NFT community, let us know and we can work together! 

Interested and want to buy check the OpenSea.

The titty roadmap

The Titty Print

Becoming a Titty Board Member

The Titty Dialogues

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NFT 101 – The Titty Guide

&nbspWhat is an NFT?

&nbspwhat is a roadmap?

&nbsphow to buy an NFT?

&nbspwhat is a Discord server?

&nbspwhat is a whitepaper?

&nbspwhat is the blockchain?

&nbspwhat are crypto currencies?

Want a complete step by step? Click here!
Want a complete step by step? Click here!

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